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How to Calculate Football Betting Money for Beginners in Sports Betting at wintips

When engaging in football betting and not being able to calculate the amount won or lost when choosing a certain bet, it can lead to unforeseen consequences, costing you dearly in your own currency. Hence, before diving into football betting, you need to learn how to calculate wins and losses. Today's article from bet win tips will provide a comprehensive understanding of how to calculate money in football betting for your reference.

Why should you know how to calculate football betting money?

Understanding how to calculate football betting money is extremely crucial, as many individuals often focus solely on the payout amount in their bet slips without actually knowing how much they've won. If bookmakers miscalculate, they might not even realize they've been deceived.

Therefore, players need to precisely understand how to calculate football betting money. By doing so, you can compare your wins or losses with the results from the bookmaker reviews. This method allows you to determine whether the betting site you're using is reputable and reliable.

Furthermore, knowing how to calculate money in football betting helps in managing your capital effectively. When betting on a certain bet, you can evaluate how much you will win or lose. By doing this, your betting strategies become more efficient based on how you distribute your capital.

Step-by-step guide on calculating football betting money for beginners

In today's online betting landscape, you'll come across bets that are classified as wins, losses, or half-wins/half-losses. How exactly do you calculate money for each of these types of bets in football betting?

Calculating full win/loss bets

A full loss occurs when you place a bet on a certain outcome and lose. Calculating the money lost in football betting for this scenario equals the amount you wagered on that bet.

For instance: You wagered $100 on a ¼ bet and lost. You'll lose the entire $100 you placed on that bet.

A full win, on the other hand, signifies betting on a certain outcome and winning the entire amount. The winnings for a full win are calculated as follows: Odds ratio x your initial wager amount for that bet.

For example: You bet $100 on over 1 goal with odds of 1.5. So, when you win, you receive $150 (1.5 x $100 = $150).

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Calculating half-win/half-loss bets

Once you understand how to calculate money in football betting for full win or loss bets, calculating for half-wins and half-losses becomes simple:

For a half-win bet, the money calculation is: (Winning odds x your initial wager) divided by 2.

For a half-loss bet, the amount lost is simply half of your original wager.

Calculating money in combo bets

Combo betting refers to a series of individual bets placed on one betting slip. To calculate the win amount for combo bets:

For a combo bet 1×2 = Odds 1 multiplied by Odds 2 multiplied by Odds 3, and so on.

For combo Handicap and Over/Under bets = Win odds multiplied by [(Half-win odds – 1) / 2] multiplied by [(Half-loss odds) / 2] multiplied by draw odds.

Valuable tips for football betting that you should know

Apart from applying the knowledge of calculating football betting money for accurate betting choices, here are additional effective betting tips:

As a beginner, it's advisable to wager on bets with lower payout odds. Lower odds often result in higher winning chances for bettors.

For experienced bettors, focus on betting on your strengths to leverage your existing knowledge for victories.

Choose matches in football that you have comprehensive knowledge about both teams. This way, you can make accurate assessments for precise betting choices.

Before placing any bets, use the method of calculating football betting money to understand how much you might win or lose. It helps in making balanced bets with an appropriate amount.

These are all the details that wintips wants to share. Actually, calculating football betting money is not as difficult as many people might think. Just by learning how to calculate wins and losses in betting based on our guide 1-2 times, you'll surely calculate football betting money like a 'god' for your future bets!


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